Weekend Intermezzo

The first weekend in my blog, I will post something nice from my Binus student, Donny.. Looks like he’s talented in poetry..

You can see from the following poems how he expresses what he feels.. and you would understand just how much #galau he’s probably in *lol*

#1 – You

You.. are the only one I keep in my heart..
You.. will always be in my heart..
Why did you do this.. to me and you?
For as time goes by.. my love is still for you..
My heart.. will keep our memories..
My heart.. will remain the same..
For you.. are the only one.. whom I will seek to find..

#2 – The Unclear Decision

It’s been a while.. since I met you..
It’s been a while.. that I’m waiting for your decision..
How should I bear this feeling?
Where only hesitation lingers in my feeling..
I do believe.. that you will answer my feeling someday..
But.. I’m left with so many questions..
Of when? Of how long I should wait?
I feel.. only fate can lead me to the answer..
Every night.. I’m waiting for your decision..
Always hoping it’s you.. every time the phone rings..
But there is none..
Why wouldn’t you reply me?
How long should I wait to have your decision?
Even though it will make me suffer.. I will bear it..
Time.. is almost over..
You’ve left me alone without any presence..
Every step that I make.. feels like nothing..
Should I erase you from my memory?

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