How It All Started…

On 24 May 2017, the United Nations General Assembly recognized September 30th as International Translation Day (ITD) to be celebrated every year across the entire UN network, and today is 30 September 2018.

To commemorate this year’s #InternationalTranslationDay (ITD), I will share a story on how I first got into the language industry.

It goes way back to college. At first, I was just helping friends to translate several pages from our college text book from English to Indonesia. I wrote it by hand and used the only English-Indonesian dictionary available back then. Although it was not that often, I was happy to have extra income to buy extra meals or shoes!

After graduating from college, I got accepted at a well-known language institution as a part-time English Teacher. My status was only a part-time, but my teaching hours went over 40 hours a week for more than 3 years at several institutions. This experience improved my English well and I could handle more professional requests for document translation.

I continued my master’s degree while still working as an English Teacher and got accepted at non-translation companies. Nonetheless, in less than 5 (five) years, I realized that my passion is in language industry. I had to do something about it. Furthermore, I accidentally jumped into being an interpreter at a company meeting to help my friend due to the appointed interpreter bailed out of the assignment on the day.

I searched for a translation community/association and found Bahtera & HPI. I was very excited to get to know many senior professional translators and was really tempted to immediately go back to language industry. There were two of the most influential people who got me motivated to embark on translation career, Pakde Eddie and Nifi.

Therefore, as of January 2011, I become a full-time freelancer, providing translation and interpreting services, and on top of that, I was accepted as an Associate Lecturer at a prestigious international university in Jakarta.

I am very grateful to have found a world that fits my passion. This line of industry has brought me to many places and got me to know so many amazing people who are humble and willing to share their knowledge and skills. I have entered a world of never ending learning and sharing.

Happy International Translation Day 2018!!


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