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This blog contains stories of an English-Indonesian translator and interpreter in her 15 years of journey.

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About Ferdina Siregar

Ferdina Siregar is an HPI Certified Indonesian<>English Translator providing translation and interpreting services.
She has extensive experience for more than 15 years in language industry. She started in 1998 as an English teacher at various well-known language institutions, then a translator, an interpreter, and a University lecturer at a prestigious international university in Jakarta.
Her bachelor and master’s degrees are actually in Banking and Financial Management, which, combined with her work experience as a Social Compliance Audit Reviewer, an Insurance Broking Compliance Manager, and a Financial Planner, have made her fully acquainted with specific topics and terms related to accounting, banking, finance, investment, legal, and insurance.
In addition to that, being an interpreter has introduced her to even broader subjects beyond the above. Her interpreting work has brought her to many places throughout Indonesia and to other countries in Asia and Europe.
To enhance her productivity and knowledge, she uses CAT Tools software such as Trados and often attends professional development workshop conducted by either Indonesian or international translation/interpreting associations. She also enjoys expanding her professional network.
Her comprehensive CV/resume is available upon request.
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Need your document(s) to be translated from English to Indonesian or from Indonesian to English? Do not hesitate to drop me a message so I can assist with your language matters and provide you solutions. I believe that you have spent valuable time to produce your original documents, and therefore, you will need someone who can maintain the quality of the document(s) in another language.

Translation services with sworn verification for official documents such as Resident’s Identity Card (KTP), Driving License, Birth Certificate, can also be provided in cooperation with a colleague. Contact me for further information.


You are organizing an event and you need interpreter to minimize the language gap? Drop me a message. I would be happy to help. I can also introduce you to SIS (Simultaneous Interpreting System) providers to assure smooth interpretation during your event.


 You have your documents translated and you need another pair of eyes to ensure perfection? Contact me to discuss further on how my professional experience can support your business.

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Location & Contact


Jakarta, Indonesia



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